Yes, the Dacha & Horses project is still alive. You can stay in a nearly deserted village of Dubrovki near Staritsa, in the rolling hills of the Upper Volga, ride gentle home-made horses, explore caves, visit Staritsa, Bernovo, or other … Continue reading

Stumbled into a 2009 story

Just found this one: http://blogs.elcomercio.pe/cincocontinentes/2012/12/viajar-a-rusia.html. It is in Spanish but I think it mentions us in the context of Russian Misery Tourism (c) which I was hoping would make me famous. Then, when things started looking ugly here, poking fun at it all somehow lost its appeal. Hope the story mentions us favourably but even  – and especially – critical reviews tend to be informative so I’m adding it to the Client Feedback category without struggling through Spanish to see exactly what the article says. Look about 1/4 of the way down Daniel Barreto’s page on his Russian trip.

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Attention budget enthusiasts or Russian Misery Tourism (c) fans! The famous Dutch Loft is back. $40-50/night steps from Red Square.

My apartment that’s available for rent to travellers clever enough to locate and recognize by far the best of Moscow accommodation offers is out of circulation till at least the end of May 2013. Alla, who’ll be staying there with her daughter … Continue reading