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I’m plodding my way through russian-horse-ride statistics as part of my lame effort to keep this site up. PLEASE NOT THAT THE PROJECT ITSELF IS ALIVE AND WELL but since 95% of our guests are now Russians, the English version can’t be actively developed. To amuse you let me share the most popular search phrases. These are

  • horse cart
  • uncle pasha
  • free online dating
  • horse riding
  • sex cams
  • porn chat
  • brides from Tver
  • brothels in Tver
  • bus twer stariza
  • drugs in tver
  • heroin addition in tver
  • horse sex

I don’t have much current knowledge on the drug scene in Tver. My understanding is that the Russian brides industry in Tver has collapsed but I can recommend a good agency in Ryazan instead. See www.staritsa.info > Ryazan. You may find a few dating agencies my clients have recommended at www.where.cheap-moscow.com. For sex with horses I’d contact BDSM circles. I think I have a few links to these in my Guide to Moscow. Oh, prostitutes along major highways have typical heroin user faces (years ago I participated in a filming project that involved heroin users and Tver prostitutes) and may sent you the right way. As of the time of writing this (April 2013) there are lots of them along Kievskoye shosse as you approach Kaluga and they too have “heroin” faces. For horse cart makers see my Moscow Drivers > Other talents.

Hope the above helps in finding what you are looking for, whatever it is.

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